Treat them as human beings

It is good to ‘accept and move on’, a slogan that was incorporated during the 2013 general elections in Kenya.Those who have been in Kenya since 2007 will tell you that this slogan did a miracle to them as all politicians had no option but to accept the outcome of the election results.

Didn’t know that change is difficult to some people until last week Friday, 20th Day of November 2015, when news came in that the police in Kisii arrested 65 sex workers and forced them to undergo STI’s test.

To me, this sounded like a horror movie because I could not imagine that in this age and era, a police officer can force one to do a test. Under the HIV/AIDS PREVENTION AND CONTROL ACT, there are  a few circumstances where one can be forced to do a HIV  test. For instance, if one is a suspect of rape then he/she must be tested.

For sure fellow Kenyans, let us stop this issue of moral thinking when it comes to issues of HIV and many other STI’s. Forcing sex workers to do HIV test will not reduce HIV prevalence in our country. In fact, researchers will tell you that this kind of action will only help by reducing street-based sex workers but not stopping them from having sex.

Respect to human right is a responsibility of every responsible citizen of this country and it should be clear that no one is above the law.

My request to the law enforcers is that they should accept that since 2010 August when we promulgated the new constitution, Kenya has changed and they should stop suffering from hangovers and move on just like other Kenyans.




Too busy with what he is doing

The Kenyan constitution and any other law in Kenya is meant for Kenyas not a cohort of special Kenyas

Most Kenyas look at sex workers and men who have sex with men (msm) as less Kenyas who do not deserve to live in this country.

There are things which as people we just have to learn how to live with and gaysm is one of them don’t lie to yourself that there is time gaysm will end in this world.

Am a good history student ,when the white man came  to colonize Africa everything they told us looked strange and so many myths came up for example Africans believed that taking tea with sugar made men impotent but look now what is happening in fact don’t dare going to visit your grandmother without a packet of sugar mta kosan ( you have have problems with her) and the same applies to this gaysm issue.

It’s my conviction that what one does in his house should not bother you or give you sleepless nights with this financial crunch Kenya is experiencing what should bother you is how to take your children to school and the food they will eat while from sfschool

Man in Uniform begged to tears

Throughout my work as KASH program legal officer i’ve done a lot of human right training to our uniformed men and women in Kenya but surprisingly whenever they hear the term sex worker most of them brand me immoral and in fact at some point one of them offered to pray for me.

7th Day of July 2015 is a day i can never forget ,this is the day when i literally witnessed  a man in uniform kneel before a sex worker begging for her mercy.

This is how it started ,this guy is an officer stationed in Marsabit on this fateful day he was traveling to Marsabit and he had booked 9pm bus to Nairobi ,so as a way of killing time he decided to get a sex worker from the streets of Kisumu at around midday and straight they went into a room where they agreed Kshs.300 per shot .The sex worker did her part and i guess she did it wonderfully coz after the first shot the officer requested for another shot but this time round he wanted it free ,something that did not go well with the sex worker who hurriedly picked her cloths and before  she could wear her panty the officer grabbed it and in the process it was torn apart .After  this the officer decided to strangle  this lady ,thanks to the sex workers who were waiting to enter the the room with their clients they rushed to the police and reported the matter .The police came very fast and arrested the officer ,at first the officer was very rude but in realizing that the police were not there to joke he knelt down and pleaded with the sex worker to forgive him for sure i could not believe what i was seeing but it happened .This is how it went:

Police;why did u just decide to do this to this lady?

Officer:For sure Marsabit is dry i just wanted to quench my thirst

Police: we are taking you to the police station right a way  the rest you will explain to your bosses

officer: please please (while kneeling down n shading tears) forgive me  fellow officers

Police: are you in a position to buy a new pant for this lady now that you have messed hers?

Officer:ye yes yes

Sex worker: please i have forgiven this man let him go am sure he has learnt his lesson.

The officer was released and am sure he will never joke with a sex worker

Kudos to KASH team your efforts are bearing fruits

Kenyan MPs Turned preachers

it is very interesting and equally shocking to see Kenyan Leaders and the clergy shouting at the top of their voices in condemning gay activities in Kenya.Just to address my mind to the bible where sin is sin and there is no big and small sin or serious and less serious all in the eyes of the almighty God are sins.

The anti gay debate in Kenya has taken a different  twist, now it’s the Mpigs who are busy demonstrating in the streets of Nairobi and by the mere look of this ‘so called leaders’ confusion and lust is evident.

Kenya as a country has big ,mighty and great enemies which is corruption,insecurity and poverty ,these three are eating up our society.Apparently it is  very right and morally acceptable for someone to eat/squander money meant for the public, in fact it is a shame for someone to work in a government office and fail to steal money, do that and your peers will label you an idiot.

Murdering and or committing crimes against humanity  in Kenya is no big deal .in fact the public will be more than ready to give you a heroic welcome and as a sign of appreciation to your actions they will elect you to a very palm position.

Now back to my gay debate ,what  is ailing our country is the ‘so called leaders’ who are  are busy condemning gayism in Kenya while innocent Kenyans in Mandera are being massacred by the alshabaab.

Just applying the right reason between this gay issue and the glaring problems facing our country which one deserves the ‘primitive energy’ of our ‘so called leaders?

Look at the zeal in which our leaders condemn gayism vis avis the zeal applied in fighting corruption in this country it’s disheartening to see  our mpigs jumping around Nairobi streets like STD1 pupils who have just completed maths lesson and the end of the same means its lunch time while we have a lot in terms of legislations  and policies that need to be put right in this country.

Now in the  the decision made in American Supreme court, for sure Kenyans,  where on earth did a law made in a foreign jurisdiction affect us …..?.seriously we need to be sober  i think the second generation spirits is being offered free in the parliament or marijuana has taken control.

The self proclaimed bishop has guts to demand that Obama should not talk about gayism in Kenya and by the way Mr. Bishop who appointed you to be the Kenyan spokes person? As Kenyans our concern is Peace ,corruption free country ,food ,employment,security etc but not the silly topic which cannot put food on our table.

To our ‘ so called leaders’ do you even know how many youths lost their jobs up to yesterday and how many were employed? am sure this will sound like latin to you  coz the only language sweet to your big mouths is ‘ where  deals are  to be cut’ ,how CDF funds should be awarded ,how many over seas workshops are there this year that way am sure we’ll be great friends.

To end please please please our M pigs stop being too dirty some times you should try going for clean stuffs.

Kisumu sex workers go wild

A business student will tell you that customers/clients are the best friends to a business man/woman but when in Kisumu please think twice lest you be molested by sex workers potential clients.

It was Saturday on 27th Day of June 2015 at around 10 Am when i received a call from Joyce [KASH field officer] at first i thought that she wanted to share with me goodies she got from Lodwar .Though she sounded happy i noticed that there was something wrong and quickly i asked ‘come on Joyce is everything right ‘ she replied NO and straight a way she told me that there were sex workers who were arrested  previous night and they were taken to central police police station within Kisumu city.

Quickly i rushed to the station where i met the OCS [Officer in charge of the station] after some chat she released the sex workers .After this i had a one on one talk with my ladies who told me that there is a lady [sex worker] who has on several occasions been stealing from clients by spraying them with poison spray and that on this fateful day she sprayed even the police officers who had come to arrest her and they fell a sleep after which she disappeared,and this was the course of their arrest last night.

Gay person beaten by a cousin

Today 20th Day of March 2015 i received a client well known to me by the name mama G this guy is known for being very clean but for today he looks very disorganized. Before i could say anything he started to narrate to me his story as follows:-

‘I have a cousin who is also my neighbor we have been friends but its like he has never known that am gay but its like he has been suspecting because for sure  i don’t hide my sexual orientation and i don’t go round telling everyone my sexual orientation neither.Today when i woke up in the morning i found him seated next to my door when i asked what he was doing there what i got as the answer was  a blow on my face followed by insults a bout my sexual orientation .

I tried talking to him but he could not listen instead he started assaulting me  with stones ‘

As a human right activist this is very bad how do you just start beating someone just because he is gay… and to make it worse you even insult him.I have always posted here that as individuals we have a lot in terms of problems  disturbing us instead of solving them we concentrate on none issues .

Look at this scenario mama G has never opened up to this guy that he is gay am sure this guy has wasted his precious time and money snooping just to know someones sexual orientation actually this is being crazy.

Respect for human right is not a choice or a privilege as some of you think but an inherent duty that you have over other human beings.

Read any human right international instrument you will realize that the  wording is human right there is no mention of heterosexual or gay so what informs you that gay people have no right here in Kenya?

Respect people’s right and you will be respected

The constitution is also our document

Hello my followers sorry it has been a while since i blogged on what the Kenya constitution say about our sexual orientation.

Very many more so those claim to be heterosexual claim that the constitution doesn’t by all standards of interpretation permit/allow or tolerate the gay in Kenya.Don’t worry about ‘those who claim to be heterosexual’ am saying this because no one knows what one does in his bedroom with his/her partner and am not one person who subscribes to the school of thought that Rumors can be a subject of discussion.

That done let me now take you back to the Kenyan constitution one by one with a belief that at the end of this piece of work we will be at per in terms of law and the gay in Kenya.

Article 45 (2) states that…Every adult has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex,based on the free consent of the parties..The wording of this Article are very clear and it talks about marriage not relationship or dating .The intention of the constitution was  to prohibit gay marriage which is clearly coming out from this article but expanding it to suit your proclaimed morals standards and your self centered person in you is not only mediocrity but also ignorance of the highest order which someone calls primitive thinking.

To you who thinks that marriage includes dating maybe you can pick a copy of Kenyan marriage Act of 2014 just concentrate on the interpretation section maybe if you have no bias mind you will understand the meaning of the term marriage which sounds greek to you now.

Anyway just to help you a bit let us see what article 36 (1) of our constitution   says….Every person has the right to freedom of association,which includes the right to form,join or participate in the activities of an association of any kind.The word in this article is ‘of any kind’ yes give us a break mr.i know it all  Let the gay associate freely without you snicking in your mouth and your unwarranted ideas whose basis is morals a term which you only know when it comes to gay topics/discussion but is lost when it comes to you being corrupt.

Again just to let you know this article does not need a barrister or any jury to interpret it, this what i call a self contained article very clear .My concern is why does it concern you when a man is dating a fellow man? Or  are they using t your bedroom if not then why the concern when am sure you have a lot to bother your including your morals.

Give the gay a break please .